Scenario for Role Play 7


Teacher role

Conchita is an eight-year old second grader who comes from a fine family. She has a younger brother, an older brother, and sister. Her older brother and sister were "model" students whose behavior and grades were excellent. Conchita is another story. While she has the ability, she does not use it. Her work is sloppy and usually not complete. She constantly talks, is out of her seat, and in any other way will disrupt the class. A conference with her parents revealed that Conchita is also their "problem" child. You have just discovered that Conchita’s mathematics assignment, which she told you she completed is completed but every problem is done wrong. You can not find any pattern that she has used to solve the problems. It is your learned opinion that she randomly selected answers and drew pictures. As you move about the room you see that she has not written anything in her journal since you commented last. You decide to talk to Conchita.


Student role - Conchita

You are an eight-year old second grader who comes from a fine family. You have a younger brother an older brother and sister. Your older brother and sister are "model" students whose behavior and grades were excellent. You feel you can never be as good as they were or your parents want you to be. You do not want to do anything, for which you feel you will be judged as not "the best". You wouldn’t even do the work, but the teacher keeps nagging you to get your work done. This year’s teacher is tougher than last years. Last years wouldn’t know that you didn’t complete a paper until the next day. This year’s teacher checks over papers to see if they are done before recess. You discover you can just write down any old answer and the teacher will think you are done and let you go to recess. You finished your mathematics paper and are sitting with your journal open. You have not written anything in your journal and the teacher is coming towards you. The last time she was by, she suggested you had better get started.




Teacher - Suggestions

Suggestions to encourage change from self-limiting behaviors to mastery oriented behaviors. See Conversations to change behavior
and possible verbal interactions and interventions.

Short term

Long term


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