Scenario for Role Play 19


Teacher role

Dale is a clever ten-year-old fifth-grade boy. He is very bright but hasn’t been very popular with other students. During the arithmetic period you notice a great deal of note passing. You have also heard a rumor from a student that Dale has been taking "orders" from other students of what they would like and then buying the things for them. Dale is from a very wealthy family. You ask Dale to stay after class to talk.


Student role - Dale

You are a ten-year-old fifth-grade boy, very bright, from a very wealthy family, but not very popular with other students. You have found that the other students have been real friendly with you and doing about anything you want after Doug told them you brought a magazine for him and then you brought some stuff from around the house for the others. It’s no big deal for you because you can get the stuff any time you want. It is sure great to have friends. During arithmetic you are getting notes from your friends with suggestions of things they might like when you see the teacher coming toward you.




Teacher - Suggestions

Suggestions to encourage change from self-limiting behaviors to mastery oriented behaviors. See Conversations to change behavior
and possible verbal interactions and interventions.

Short term

Long term


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