Scenario for Role Play 12


Teacher role

Ellen is a very sweet third-grade student. She does excellent work and has parents who are very concerned about her achievement and conduct. However, Ellen drives you crazy with her constant tattling. She must have eyes in the back of her head. Nothing goes on in the class that she doesn’t know. When an incident is unacceptable, Ellen reports the person and action quickly and loudly. This morning you have planned to talk to Ellen when she tattles. Ellen has just announced to the entire class that Matt, Lucas, and John are at the learning center talking about Matt’s older sister’s behavior at Friday’s party and not doing their work.


Student role - Ellen

You are a very sweet third-grade student. You do excellent work and have parents that are always telling you that you should do your work and behave. You believe that everyone should do their work and behave. You work hard and behave but you don’t think the teacher appreciates how good you are. The teacher treats the other students about the same as you. If you tell on the other students you think they deserve it and it is helping the teacher see how bad they really are and how good you really are.




Teacher - Suggestions

Suggestions to encourage change from self-limiting behaviors to mastery oriented behaviors. See Conversations to change behavior
and possible verbal interactions and interventions.

Short term

Long term


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