Scenario for Role Play 1


Teacher role

When five-year old Clyde and his mother came to register for preschool/kindergarten, Mrs. Curless stated, "Clyde will need plenty of individual love and attention."

Since then Mrs. Curless has called several times to complain that Clyde has come home upset by what has happened at school. When you talk to Clyde you get no specifics and if you ask Mrs. Curless for specifics she says Clyde couldn't pin point any time or reason.

Clyde can easily turn on or off the tears. You believe he does so to control the situation and receive the reaction he wants. He is very disruptive at times and gains considerable attention with his outbursts. It is now November. You have just finished your morning session. The intercom comes on and informs you Mrs. Curless is on her way to your room to talk to you.


Parent role - Mrs. Curless

You believe the teacher is not providing for the emotional needs of Clyde. After all he is very young, too young to be expected to do everything by himself. Clyde repeatedly comes home from school upset and complains that the teacher never has time for him. When you discuss this with him he gets upset and begins to cry. You are sure that the school environment is cold and impersonal and that Clyde would never get a hug or pat, which you know is what usually motivates Clyde to cooperate. You have called several times and received no satisfaction. You decide to go to talk to the teacher in person.



Teacher - Suggestions

Suggestions to encourage change from self-limiting behaviors to mastery oriented behaviors. See Conversations to change behavior

and possible verbal interactions and interventions.

Short term

Long term


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