Classroom Management
Goals & Objectives as Outcomes to
Facilitate learning in individuals and groups


  1. Create and maintain positive learning environments for individuals and communities of learners.
  2. Use effective communication and interactions to establish, monitor, and revise procedures to facilitate learning and create positive attitudes for learning.
  3. Model and communicate how to protect dignity and equality for all that respects cultural, social, and racial diversity.
  4. Model and develop socially acceptable behaviors and cooperative relationships with and among learners, parents, and stake holders to promote appropriate behavior.
  5. Manage time to help learners achieve appropriate life goals.
  6. Facilitate learning to achieve life long learning through goal setting, self-monitoring, encouragement and strategies to establish responsible developmentally appropriate behavior that creates self-efficacy in learners.
  7. Proactively reduce unconventional behavior.
  8. Develop leadership styles that create appropriate learning climates.
  9. Base decisions on recognized theories.
  10. Provide powerful content and instructional methods for students to learn based on their developmental needs to be successful citizens.
  11. Plan, implement, assess, and adjust curriculum (content & instruction - teaching & learning) to facilitate learning, develop positive attitudes toward learning, demonstrate a caring attitude that protects the dignity of others, and develop self-efficacy for life long learners.
  12. Prepare reports and interpret information to learners, parents, and/or guardians, and stake holders.



Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes
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