Classroom Management Focus Questions
Frequently asked questions related to classroom managment

One way to think about answering the following question si to think about what might happen in your classroom during one of the best classes, days, or weeks, you have had or would have and describe what a person would see.


  1. What would be the classroom structure, practices, and behaviors of the students and you, the teacher? 
  2. What instructional activities would be happening: lessons, assignments, and conversations? 

    How would each be organized?

    Who organizes them? 
  3. Who makes the necessary decisions about student's learning goals and performance expectations? 

    What are some of the typical decisions? 
  4. How do students interact with each other?

    How do they work together to solve problems and help each other learn? 
  5. How do students interact with you, the teacher?

    How do you interact with the students? 
  6. Where do students get information?

    What kind do they get from each source? 
  7. How do the students and you react when there is a behavioral conflict or problems? 
  8. What do you, your students and the curriculum provide to proactively deal with conflict? 
  9. What rules and consequences or code of conduct would be in place in your classroom? 
  10. How would the community and parents be involved in the process? 


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