What do Highly Motivated Enviornmental Education Teachers Believe they Need to be Successful

Yvonne Meichtry and Lorna Harrell, An Environmental Education Needs Assessment of K-12 teachers in Kentucky. The Journal of Environmental Education, 2002, Vol. 33, No. 3, 21-26.

K-12 Teachers Opinion of Needs

Teachers with a high interest in EE were surveyed.

  • Environmental Education Sites with hands on learning opportunities for both students and teachers.
  • Outdoor environmental labs
  • Readily available free lesson plans and materials
  • Frequently updated web pages
  • Lab school where University or nature guides would teach students how to research.
  • Assistance in creating outdoor labs at their schools.


  • Funding needs
  • Lesson and curriculum ideas
  • Field trip opportunities
  • Outdoor site development, use, and alignment to state curriculum

Teachers were asked what they would be willing to be involved in

  • Preferred professional development during school year and with workshops.
  • A small group were interested in university courses and weekend workshops