Greenhouse effect

Facts/Concepts (CO2 Is an abundant greenhouse gas. The green house effect is completely the result of human activity. If the greenhouse effect increases, the average temperature in the USA will rise, warm air holds more water, weather patterns will shift, but not sure how. If the ice caps melt there will be more available liquid water.)
Misconceptions The increase in CO2 reacts with chlorine, CO2 helps break down the ozone. Ozone is made from CO2. CO2 is what we breathe. Deforestation creates the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse effect will create more warm air and more rain.

Ozone depletion

Facts/Concepts (Stratospheric ozone is vital for life on Earth. One cause of stratospheric ozone destruction is CFCs. Some household items cause destruction of ozone.)
Misconceptions Ozone produces heat. The ozone hole lets more gases into the earthÕs surface. Will cause more UV rays to be trapped in the atmosphere and cause more skin cancer. Ozone is vital for life. Without ozone the temperature would increase too much to survive. Chlorine bleach, deodorants, and lawn mower engines cause ozone depletion.

Acid rain

Facts/Concepts (acid rain can be produced in nature. Burning some types of coal produces acid rain. Acid rain damages some stone buildings more than others.)
Misconceptions Some students didnÕt know acid rain can be produced naturally. Misuse of the word dissolve to describe what happens to limestone and acid.