Teaching Approaches for Environmental Education

Teaching Approaches and the Development of Responsible Environmental Behavior: the Case of Hong Kong Ethics, Place, and Environment, Vol. 5, No. 3, 239-269, 2002.

Examined teaching approaches and found Inquiry teaching more effective than didactic approaches.

This could be seen as a positive in light of the increasing call in the Standards and by researchers for more inquiry and a constructivist approach.

However, many teachers are reluctant to adopt an inquiry approach because of their fear of loosing control. Control of students' behavior as well as not knowing the subject knowledge well enough, or the investigattive processes.

In additon the increase of high stakes testing with a reliance on standardized achievement test scores teachers feel the need to focus more on factual information and choose a didactic approach witth the hope to increase coverage rather than use an inquiry approach, which they believe would take longer.