What needs to be done to help teachers become environmentally savy?

Inservice Research

Shepardson, Daniel P, Jon Harbor, Barbara Cooper, and Jim McDonald. The Impact of a Professional Development Program on TeachersŐ Understanding about Watersheds, Water Quality, and Stream Monitoring. The Journal of Environmental Education, 2002, Vol. 33, No. 3, 34-40.

Found that teachers could:

Learn the knowledge and skill needed to investigate environmental issues

Change their understanding of watersheds from a simplistic system with individual and isolated pollutants to a holistic and biological system with a synergistic effect from a variety of potential pollutants on a watershed for which acceptable standards or limits of those pollutants were made with respect to land use, acceptance of risks, desired gains and loses as a result of any and all decisions.

And gained the skill and desire to move into the real world to investigate environmental issues.