Relative Position and Motion


Assorted sample plans

Sample Sequence for Fourth grade Science Curriculum Improvement Study (SCIS) - physical science module Relative Position and Motion -

Sampled teacher manual pages in PDF

Years objectives by sections for the module

Concept Map of multiple science dimensions threaded to activities sequence


Image for introductory observation inference activity - Snow White

Image for introductory observation inference activity - Tracks

Image for introductory Four day observation inference activity -

  1. Day one images - first - second - third
  2. Day two images - first- second - third
  3. Day three images - first- second - third
  4. Day four images - first- second - third

Bird in cage materials - bird pattern - bird sample

Four position puzzles -

Rectangular coordinate and Cartesian coordinate activities

Polar coordinate puzzles

Puzzle one - map 1

- map of letters for word puzzle

- map zoo



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