Observaton and Measurement

What and how do you use units of measurement when you conduct an experiment and how can that information be recorded?

Determine what property you want to find in your experiment
Length (size) Weight (mass) Shape/Amount (area/volume) Temperature
Decide which unit of measurement goes with that particular property


Amount of Liquid
ounces (1-15oz)
pounds (16oz)
grams (1-999g)
kilograms (1000g)
inches (1-11")
feet (12")
centimeter (1-99cm)
meter (100cm)
kilometer (1000m)
Instrument to Measure desired property

rulers (count spaces)
tape measure
meter sticks

balance scale

measuring cup
graduated cylinder

look at it level
round to nearest degree
Record your data: Pictograph, bar graphs, circle graphs, written, line graphs
Can someone else understand it?

Is it clearly marked and does it accurately show my results?

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