Temperature and Thermometers

Activity What temperature?

Purpose of this activity is to review and assess students' skill with the use of a thermometer. It will also help to focus students on collecting information accurately. It also is motivating for students to work with the cards and see how the color changes as the temperature of the water changes and how similiar and/or different the other cards are.


A variety of variables (human error, equipment...) effects the accuracy of measurement.
Weather data can be collected and used to understand the causes and effects of weather.

Materials: Thermocon cards or temperature cards (available from science distributors), hot and cold water, containers, and thermometer.

Activity procedure:Challenge the students to change the temperature of the card until it is as green (or other color) as it they can make it. Mix hot and cold water to find what temperature will make most of the themocon card green. Record the temperature of the water when they feel the card is as green as they can make it.

Activity Thermometers and temperature


Volume of air and water changes with temperature
Temperature equipment can be constructed and calibrated to record temperature

Activity: Temperature and perception

Materials: Three cups, hot water, cold water, and medium water.

Activity procedure: Place the index finger of your right hand into hot water and the index finger on your left hand into cold water, count to 30, and put both fingers into the medium cup.

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