Adding and subtracting rationale numbers - summary sheet

Share five candy bars

Question Don't know how much each person got. each person gets one whole and 1/6 and 1/12
each person gets one whole and 3/12 each person gets one whole and 1/4

What did the student do?




What can be inferred about what the student knows because of what the student did?


Where in your sequence of understanding fractions might the student's understanding be? What evidence can you give to support that placement?


What activities, from the book, could be used to build on these student's understanding and move them toward mathematical literacy?



What did you learn about how students divide fractions for sharing the five candy bars? Think - why are these in addition and subtraction?


What did you learn or gain additional information to add to your determination on how to teach based on the two videos - change 3 3/8 to an improper fraction.