Number value summary sheet

Question counting starfish morning meeting - number of students girl in gray shirt counting candies girl in pink shirt counting candies

What did the student do?

Pointed and counted starfish by

Told four milks were needed and put a cutout representation of them into a pocket chart. Exclaimed that more milks were needed.

Said that the number of milks and the number of kids were the same.

Counted seven candies in the can by removing one at a time and putting them on the table.

Counted 17 candies in the can with the lid closed.

Counted 13 candies in the can by pointing to the candies in the can.

Counted 6 candies in the can by looking at the candies in the can.

Counted seven candies on the table by looking at them and counting them as they lay on the table.

Seven candies were put into the can, one was removed and given to the student, and when asked how many candies were in the can the student answered, six.

What can be inferred about what the student knows because of what the student did?


Where in your sequence might the student's understanding be among the list of understandings in that sequence? What evidence can you give to support that placement?


What activities, from the book, could be used to build on these student's understanding and move them toward mathematical literacy?



What I learned about number value.