Multiplication and division as an operation summary sheet

Question 6 dozen eggs
12 dozen eggs
four seed packets with 11 seeds in each packet
What convinces you that a child is really multiplying? (hint: What does it mean to unitize? )

What did the student do?

five dozen plus one
120 + 24

Counted on a hundred chart and used fingers to mark groups.

Represented seeds in packets and counted on from one to next.

Represented groups of 11 seeds and counted.

represented groups of 11 then pretended put together and counted.


What can be inferred about what the student knows because of what the student did?


Where in your sequence might the student's understanding be among the list of understandings in that sequence? What evidence can you give to support that placement?


What activities, from the book, could be used to build on these student's understanding and move them toward mathematical literacy?



What I learned about facilitating multiplication and division as an operation