More rational numbers, including decimals - summary sheet


What did the student do?

Two girls. 4.7 >=4.70
Yes - They are equal if you can add zero.
What if it is a, "can't add a zero day?"
Then 4.70 is larger.

Two girls asked to represent 1.8. If a 10 cm rod was = one.
They used nine rods that would be = 9. Putting one 10 cm rod on the left of a one cm cube and eight 10 cm rods on the left of the one cm cube and said it represnted 1.8

4 - .7 = Four circles, divide them into tenths and get 3 3/10 or 3.3 I think they are the same thing. Seventh grade student video interview

What can be inferred about what the student knows because of what the student did?


Where in your sequence might the student's understanding be among the list of understandings in that sequence? What evidence can you give to support that placement?


What activities, from the book, could be used to build on these student's understanding and move them toward mathematical literacy?



What I learned about fractions and decimals