Problem Solving Guide



1. Is there a problem to solve? (Yes - No - Possibly)

2. What is it? Exact statement of the problem:

3. What information is needed to solve the problem?

4. Where can it be found?

5. Can I solve this problem?

(Easily - With a lot of work - No - Maybe)

(By myself - With help)

From whom

5. How long will it take me?

6. What patterns can I see in this problem?

7. What strategies might work?

8. What order should I try the strategies?

9. What would I estimate as an answer?

10. Answer these questions when you get to the half way point on your list of steps:

Are things going as planned? (Yes - No - Maybe)

Should I (Continue - Reevaluate)

11. Answer this question when the problem is solved: How did it turn out? (hints in chart)

Very successful

Pretty successful


Is really finished

Could use more work

Don't know what to do next

Was harder than expected

Was easier then expected

Was as hard as expected

Took longer

Took less time

Took what I thought

12. Can I use the solution and/or the problem solving strategies in the future? (yes no)

If so what future uses?


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