Problem Solving Checklist

BEFORE you began to solve the problem, what did you do? Yes No

I read the problem more than once.


I tried to find everything out about the problem that I could.


I asked myself, "Do I really understand what the problem is asking me?"


I thought about what information I needed to solve this problem.


I asked myself, "Have I ever worked a problem like this before?"


I asked myself, "Is there information in this problem I do not need?"

DURING your problem solving, what did you do?    

I kept looking back at the problem as I worked.


I had to stop and rethink what I was doing and why.


I checked my work as I went along step by step.


I had to start over and do it differently.


I asked myself, "Is what I am doing getting me closer to the answer?"

AFTER you finished working the problem, what did you do?    

I checked to see if all my calculations were correct.


I went over my work to see if it still seemed like a good way to do the problem.


I looked at the problem to see if my answer made sense.


I thought about a different way to solve the problem.


I tried to see if I could tell more than what the problem asked for.


Source: Adapted from Fortunato, Hecht, Tittle, & Alvarez 1991


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