Mathematical Problem Solving Attitude Inventory Items

When you are given a math problems to solve, which of the following best describes your thoughts?
Mark yes or no depending on how the statement describes you.
There are no right or wrong answers.

1. I will put down any answer just to finish a problem. Yes - No

2. It is no fun to try to solve problems. Yes - No

3. I will try almost any problem. Yes - No

4. When I do not get the right answer right away I give up. Yes - No

5. I like to try hard problems. Yes - No

6. My ideas for solving problems are not as good as other students' ideas. Yes - No

7. I can only do problems everyone else can do. Yes - No

8. I will not stop working on a problem until I get an answer. Yes - No

9. I am sure I can solve most problems. Yes - No

10. I will work a long time on a problem. Yes - No

11. I am better than many people at solving problems. Yes - No

12. I need someone to help me work on problems. Yes - No

13. I can solve most hard problems. Yes - No

14. There are some problems I will just not try. Yes - No

15. I do not like to try problems that are hard to understand. Yes - No

16. I like to keep working on a problem until I get it right. Yes - No

17. I like to try to solve problems. Yes - No

18. I give up on problems right away. Yes - No

19. Most problems are too hard for me to solve. Yes - No

20. I am a good problem solver. Yes - No



Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes