In the space provided, give your best estimation of the age of the person. Do not discuss with your neighbor.

Tom Cruise                 _____

Anna Kournikova          _____

Michael Douglas               _____

Annette Funicello         _____

Pope Benedict XVI         _____

Chelsea Clinton                _____

Queen of England         _____

George Bush (father)         _____

Nicole Kidman                _____

Diana Ross                   _____

Cher                            _____

Tom Watson                 _____

Disney World                 _____

  1. After you have finished, type your guesses in L1 and the actual ages in L2. Graph these lists (L2, L1) using the Stat Plot.
  2. What function would best model the data in L2 and L1? Go to Y= and type this function in and graph it along with the data. How were your guesses?
  3. On the header of L3, take your Guess − Actual Age. On the Home screen, find the sum of L3.
  4. On the header of L4, take the Absolute Value of the differences between the Guess and Actual Age.
  5. On the Home screen, find the Sum of L4.
  6. On the header of L5, square the result of L3.
  7. On the Home screen, find the sum of L5.
  8. Discuss what we did in L3, L4, and L5.  Interpret the 3 results on the home screen. Which is the best predictor of how good our guesses were?

Dan Hackbarth & Gary Luck – Greendale High School & UWM