Pi related Projects

  1. Make a pi chain, necklace, bracelet, etc.  Use a different color for each color of paper or bead to represent a each different digit each time that digit is is represented. For example 1 could be yellow, 2 blue, 3 purple, 4 green 5 pink 6 black 7 white 8 red 9 white your chain would be purple,
    yellow, green, yellow, pink, white, etc.  The longest chain will get recognized. (More than 30 required.)
  2. Make a poster to promote something about pi. 
  3. Bring in a model of the pi sign.
  4. Create a collection of things that have pi on it, in it or related to it.
  5. Write about pi in a narrative, poem, or song similar to pi chain... the 1st word needs 3 letters, the next word only 1 the next word 4 etc....
  6. Find mean, median, and mode of the first 10, 100, or 1 000 digits of pi.  Make a circle graph of the percentages of each of the numbers. 




Patti Bailey