Decimal Number Value Concepts

Prior knowledge
Whole numbers, place value of whole numbers, rational numbers (1/2, 1/3...), know the relationships of whole numbers and fractional numbers (> < =), order whole and fractional numbers, meaning of estimation, familiarity with percent

Background information for Sequence ideas
Connect fractions to decimals
Create a problem (subway sandwich) so that it can be represented in tenths. Students can solve with fractions and then transition to decimals
Represent whole, fractional, and decimal numbers in tenths, hundredths, thousandths and (><=)
Adding decimals is like adding fractions with common denominators
Multiplication and division. Five and eight tenths meters of paper shared equally with five groups. Base

Concepts Problems/activities Outcomes
Whole numbers and their relative values    
Decimals are another way of writing fractions    
Base ten is infinite in both directions    
Decimal point can represent "and" when reading decimal numbers    
Decimal point locates the units position    
Percent as hundredths    

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