Picture Books with Mathematical Themes

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Miss Spider's Tea Party

Miss Spider's Tea Party - 1994, . pages 32. primary.
ISBN-10: 0590477242.

Written by David Kirk & Illustrated by Antoinette White

Miss Spider wants her insect friends to come over for tea, but each one turns down her invitation for fear she'll eat them. When Miss Spider comes to the aid of a wet moth, word spreads of her good nature, and their perspective changes.

Different sets of 1-12 insects arrive for tea.

Themes: Number value, counting, spiders, party, insects, picture book.

The Doorbell Rang

The Doorbell Rang - 1986. Greenwillow Books: New York. primary.
ISBN- 0-688-09234-9.

by Pat Hutchins

Sharing 12 cookies 6 ways.

Tops and Bottoms

Tops and Bottoms - 1995. Scholastic: New York. primary.
ISBN- 0-590-97550-1

by Janet Stevens

Trickster, lazy/worker. Problem solving, tops, bottom, middles.

Prereading - Ask. What are the ways of dividing crops without numbers?

Read book, stop and discuss, ask for plot predictions ...

Pigs Will Be Pigs

Pigs Will Be Pigs - 1994. Four Winds Press: New York. 32 pages.
ISBN- 0-689-81219-1.

by Amy Axelrod

A family of pigs wants to go out to eat, but their purses and wallets are empty so they go on a money hunt. How much did they find? What could they spend? How much did they have left after dinner? 7 F

12 Ways To Get To 11 - 1993. Trumpet New York. primary ages .
ISBN- 0-440-83115-6.

by Eve Merriam, Illustrator Bernie Karlin

Sums of 11

Blank for expansion - 1 , y: . p .



Number value

Order, classification


Counting money & change


Really large numbers









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