Books which Include Mathematical Themes

The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets - 2014, Bloomsberry: New York. pages 213 ages 12+.
ISBN-13: 978-1-62040-277-1.

by Simon Singh

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Excellent story for anyone that is a fan of the Simpsons, interested in mathematical ideas, trivia nut, Futurama fan, or people that are interested in stories behind the scene stories.

Chasing Vermeer - 2004, The Wright 3 - 2006, The Calder Game - 2008. ages 10-14.
ISBN-10: 0-325-00353-x.

by Blue Balliett

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Excellent realistic fictionmystery with themes of art, archetecture, friendship, and pentominoies.

See also Chasing Vermeer - A new character, Tommy, joins Petra and Calder for three adventures in urban Chicago. Includes logic, mystery, and Pentominoes go 3-D, many math themes, great read for intermediate, middle school, and others.

Dr. Robert Sweetland's notes