2007 - Annotated Book list

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fantasy fiction adventure good and evil Four Stars The fifth installment, of the saga of Arthur Penhaligon. It is beginning to look as if this 12 year old will survive the week, but the Piper, not a Day person, seems to be ... If you are not hooked on these, you probably don t do fantasy. A modern day fantasy adventure that is action, action, and more action. Each time I am eager to read the next one and had to wait. If you haven t read them, You have great books and counting waiting for you. Garth Nix The Keys to the Kingdom: Lady Friday
realistic historical fiction picture book? robots orphan automatons Paris France railroad stations history Five Stars Brian Selznick created a novel that reads as if you are experiencing it from a front row seat of an early Parisian movie theater. Words and pictures combine to create a unique experience for the viewer/reader that tell the story of two orphans, The story is one of survival and discovery for Hugo and other characters in the book. Action packed mystery and story of Hugo s survival and desire to understand his life and have some control on his future. As he seeks answers to this he discovers that his past is entangled with Isabelle and Papa Georges. A great story about fictional characters while simultaneously providing a historical view of Paris and the birth of motion pictures. Brian Selznick The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Not yet third of trilogy started to read, but decided to read the first two books. I selected it because critics and other authors have reviewed it and compare it to Philip Pullman s novels, Ursula Le Guin s works and other clasic and contemporary fairy tales and fantasy. It is a dark drama about a Roumanian Princess. Adolescent level Paul Park The White Tyger
science fiction fantasy puzzles riddles problem solving mystery future mind control adventure school Five Stars Imagine being gifted, creative, and an orphan with no one to relate to. Then one day an invitation to enter a contest arrives. Riddles and puzzles await many, but only four survive and become the Mysterious Benedict Society. How ever intriguing, interesting, and exciting the contest was these four soon discover that they have been selected to save the world s population from being brought under the control of one ambitious person. Soon there are more puzzles and mind games that need to be solved for higher stakes than winning a contest. A scheme is about to be initiated with a new stronger formula and a more powerful secret device that will make it impossible for anyone to resist. Making it too late to save the world from this evil fate. The puzzles and problems are interesting and Stewart make them more interesting by having multiple creative solutions. Very mysterious futuristic reading.
Trenton Lee Stewart The Mysterious Benedict Society
fiction fantasy fairy tale differences family being different fantasy getting along friendship Five Stars No one must know her terrible secret. Her mother, the queen has forced her to wear gloves to hide her shame until a cure can be found. Rosalind, a princess who is destined to become queen and fulfill Merlin s six hundred year old prophecy that will restore the royal family to its rightful throne.
So what does this have to do with dragons? Rosalind s curse is entwined with the fate of the bloodthirsty dragons that have been the bane of the kingdom for years. Rosalind discovers the bond between her and the dragons and through her actions discovers how her terrible secret has bound her to the dragons. How she discovers herself and is able to change her point of view for her kingdoms advantage is an outstanding fantasy adventure and story of compassion and change. The story presents opportunities to reflect on differences and how people choose to accept or not accept them and how those decisions can affect their lives.
Janet Lee Carey Dragons Keep
fantasy fiction brother sister Four Stars The Children of the Lamp action adventure series continues as the the tribes with the forces of good battle wits and djinn power with the tribes of the forces of evil. Mystery abounds as the twins, Philippa and John Gaunt, travel form New York to London to Napal on a whirlwind adventure to help their friend Dybbuk. How does a talisman and The Cult of the Nine Cobras figure into Dybbuk s friends murder? Does the absence of Uncle Nimrod and Mr. Rakshasas from their home figure in this mystery? Are Phillippa and John the real target of the Nine Cobra Cult? P. B. Kerr Children of the Lamp The Cobra King of Kathmandu book 3
fiction pirates storytelling boarding house friends imagination trolls crocodile octopus Four Stars Jack Plank was a pirate after the voyages of Columbus when the Spanish were busy stealing gold from the natives in the Caribbean. Jack didn t much like plundering and about the only thing he seemed to be able to do was to visit with people and make soup. Which was all right since all the Pirates on the Avarice (extreme greed for wealth or materials) enjoyed his company. As the years passed and it became harder to find gold to ship to Spain the Pirate business waned as the plundering came upon hard times. With only enough food to feed the plunderers Jack was asked to leave, which he did. He was put ashore at Saltwash with some gold so he would be able to find a place to stay until he found work. Mrs. Delfresno agreed to take him in on a trial basis until he found work when it could become permanent. The author uses clever stories and catchy wording to weave a pirate s tale into each day s adventurous search for a job. After a week of Miss. Nina s help and a host of suggestions from many characters Jack s talents are recognized and he finds a place among the landlubbers. Great for a storytelling theme. Natalie Babbitt Jack Plank Tells Tales
fiction interpersonal relations problem solving middle school family peers Four Stars A quirky and utterly logical seventh-grade girl, Emma-Jean Lazarus, gets involved with the messy everyday problems of her peers. Great story with interesting possibilities for discussion. May seem a bit too logical, however that is typical of early adolescent thinking so it would be interesting to see what adolescents think about it. Lauren Tarshins Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree

space flight adventure
Four Stars Dad didn t have to go on the emergency job to the moon. A thousand other computer network specialists could ve handled the job. Nope, Dad went to get away from me.
Makes me shiver.
It s 2165 and Stewart for the last seven years has been dealing with the death of his mother, the second greatest space pilot of all time. But, on his 13 birthday he learns from his counselor of the conspiracy to keep him from remembering his past. Why would they want to do that? What is so bad or important for him not to know? Who would benefit from him not knowing something? When the opportunity presents a chance to flee, he struggles with his counselor and runs to the oldspacer who offered him passage to the moon. The passage doesn t turn out exactly the way he envisioned, but it does present him with what he has search for unsuccessfully the last seven years.
Great adventure story that moves along at a nice pace and keeps the reader intrigued and guessing to the end.
Michael J. Daley Shanghaied to the Moon
Not yet
China Mieville Un Lun Dun
fiction fantasy audio book available Four Stars The saga continues from Magyk to Flyte and now Physik. This story introduces Snorri Snorrelssen, daughter of Olaf, a northern trader, from Magyk. She is an integral part of this story, but it is mostly Septimus this time as he faces the most daunting challenge of all. Included at various times are the rest of the family and characters in the earlier books. Except the evil this time comes in the form of Queen Etheldredda the Awful a many times great grandmother of Jenna s that was killed 500 years ago. Dragons, ghosts, spirits, adventure, mystery, spells, time travel, magic mirrors, and all the good fantasy stuff make for another good story. Angie Sage Physik Septimus Heap Book Three

science art education pedagogy Five Stars This book was written for educators, reformers, and others who are deeply interested in creating opportunities for productive learning for generations to come. The idea of productive learning is demonstrated with the use of Einstein's work to convince the reader that it is possible to achieve beyond a superficial grasp of his accomplishments as an example to suggest this kind of reform is possible. While the main intent of the book is productive learning and pedagogical change; the discussion related to Einstein's ideas will be found beneficial to students and teachers in science courses in middle school and beyond as well as those with a college education who are convinced they want nothing to do with mathematics, sciences, and especially physics.
stanistaw D. Gtazek & Seymour B. Sarason Productive Learning: Science, Art, and Einstein s Relativity in Educational Reform
nonfiction tortoise friendship Four Stars A true story about a hippo misplaced by a tsunamia being befriended by a 135 year old tortoise. Isabella Hatkoff, Craig Hatkoff, and Dr.
Paula Kahumbu
Owen and Mzee The Language of Friendship

Madonna Four Stars Madonna's second children's books is better than the first (The English Roses). The story has a strong message and interesting story that is an old tale from a Hassidic master. Wonderful art richly colored and exaggerated by Loren Long. So what did Madonna do? Madonna & Loren Long Mr. Peabody's Apples
fiction neverworld fantasy rats video pirates Four Stars Four short stories. The first is a creative and interesting fantasies about Video Pirates in the form of rats who steal Peter s Dvds and escape to Neverland. Making it mandatory for a boy named Peter to pursue them. After all those late fees are a killer. Garth Nix One Beastly Beast: Two Aliens, Three Inventors, Four Fantastic Tales
fantasy fiction good vs evil Four Stars It s Harry... However, the writing continues to get better with each book.
How does she keep everything straight?
J. K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
fantasy science fiction good versus evil multi-dimensions space time travel Four Stars 15 year old Joey Harker learns he is a walker - able to walk between dimensions. Soon he must decide if he will get involved with saving the world and join a team of different versions of himself from other dimensions to fight evil forces striving to conquer all the worlds. Suspense, adventure, along with life threatening situations not only for the characters, but all of humanity. Action like adventures reminiscent of the Matrix, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves Interworld
fiction high school interpersonal relations musicians Not yet A disparate group of high school students thrown together in detention form a band to play at a school talent show and end up competing with a wildly popular local rock band... MARK PETER HUGHES Lemonade Mouth
fiction Coming of age William Shakespeare 1564-1616, Plays Long Island New York Junior high family Not yet Gary D. Schmidt has written a novel that is at turns comic and compelling, down-to-earth and over-the-top. In The Wednesday Wars, he offers an unforgettable antihero in Holling Hoodhood, a seventh grade kid from the suburbs in 1967 who embraces his destiny in spite of himself. Holling s father believes the Hoodhoods need to be on their best behavior: the success of his business depends on it. But how can Holling stay out of trouble when there are rats, cream puffs, Shakespeare, and Ariel s tights to contend with over the course of the school year. Gary D. Schmidt The Wednesday Wars
fiction Demonology supernatural Five Stars The beast moved to the feeding chute. With a new Keeper there might be an opportunity to get out into Seattle and the world of humans. Where there would be plenty of lost children to eat. Nat and his minions who just recently acquired sole care for a house full of strange entities the demon being the worst of the lot. Seeking information from an ancient book he travels to the library and meets Sandy who turn out to be more help than he can imagine at the time. Mean while two street teens, and the Thin Man converge on his home with foul intentions of their own. However, the beast itself has intentions of its own and plans on not letting anyone else get in his way. Unless they are taste young children. Will things ever be the same for Nat? Will the beast escape its chamber and have a tasty meal? Once it escapes will it ever be returned to the basement ? And what is the deal about this Thin Man? Slapstick humor, fast action high spirited romp of an unlikely hero in true misadventure -fast paced action worthy of any teen movie. Royce Buckingham Demonkeeper
Fiction Ffction orphans wishes magic Not yet When a miserable orphan unknowingly disrupts the balance of power between the magical realms of wishes and curses, he must join forces with the Wishworks Factory to reclaim his errant wish and set things right again.
Will this take off as a series???
Jason Lethcoe The Misadventures of Benjamin Bartholomew Piff: I You Wish
fiction middle schools self-confidence Interpersonal relations Four Stars Agnes Parker tries to maintain her old persona and keep a low profile in middle school (sixth grade), but her best friend Prejean's problems, persistent harrassment from the eghth-grade boys, and a friendship with an interesting boy in her art class make it difficult. Kathleen O'Dell Agnes Parker... Kathleen O'Dell. Keeping Cool in Middle School
fiction audio book available Not yet Where dragons and dreams take flight. Salamanda Drake Dragonsdale
fiction turtles Los Angles History 20th century humorous stories audio book available Four Stars Young shoelace heir Neddie Wentworthstein and his family take a train from Chicago to Los Angeles In the 1940s. When he winds up In possession of a valuable Indian turtle artifact whose owner is supposed to be able to prevent the impending destruction of the world, a stranger adventure begins. Distracted by not knowing how he could possibly save the world he finds he is accidentally left behind by his family at one of the train stops in the Wild West. Let the adventure begin. Daniel Pinkwater The Neddiad
fantasy fiction Nicolas Flamel John Dee alchemist magic supernatural brothers sisters twins San Francisco Calif Four Stars Truth: Nicholas Flame was born in Paris on September 28, 1330. He is acknowledged as the greatest Alchemyst of his day, it is said that he discovered the secret of eternal life. The records show he died in 1418. But his tomb is empty.
The legend: Flamel lives because he has been making the elixir of life. Within the Book of Abraham the Mage is the most powerful secret capable of destroying the world. That is what Dr. John Dee plans after stealing it. Humankind won t know what is happening until it is too late. The prophecy says that Sophie and Josh are the only ones that have the power to save the world.
Michael Scott The Alchemyst: The secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel
science fiction
Four Stars Creative tale of a small planet with three tiers that are in the process of collapsing into one. What happens when people from each tier are united when they have grown to fear one another based on their lore, legends, and past.
For the people of Aduana Dos see http://www.athertonseries.com/
Patrick Carman Atherton: The House of Power
fiction fantasy myth
Four Stars Amidst a terrifying storm, Dinah's parents go missing. While anxious Dinah and her brother and sister worry and huddle for warmth, their cousin Gage tells them an unlikely story-about tooth fairies, known as skibbereen, who are living in warring colonies right in the neighborhood. According to Gage, the skibbereen put those teeth to good use. And Gage has met them. Dinah is skeptical, but as the story unfolds and the storm rages on, she begins to believe. Gregory Maguire What the Dickens: The Story of a Rogue Tooth Fairy
fiction fantasy
Not yet Naive and bumbling Carlo, his shady camel-puller Baksheesh. and Shira, a girl determined to return home, follow a treasure map through the deserts and cities of the infamous Golden Road, as mysterious strangers try in vain to point them toward real treasures. by the Estate of Lloyd Alexander The Golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio
fiction fantasy magic friendship music box Three Stars Picture book - A rich woman purchases a magic jewel box and sets out to make the two tiny ballerinas within it smile again. Monique De varennes & Ana Juan The Jewel Box Ballerinas
fiction seeds magic orchards death grief family life New York state - audio book available Four Stars Eve gave up her belief in stories and magic after her mother's death, but a mysterious seed given her as an eleventh-birthday gift by someone she has never met takes her and a boy who claims to be a ghost on a strange journey, to where their supposedly cursed town of Beaumont, New York, flourishes. K. L. Ging The Garden of Eve
fantasy fiction mythology druids bards goblins elves Saxon - available audio Four Stars Sequel to The Sea of Trolls
Includes bibliographical references in appendix
Nancy Farmer The Land of The Silver Apples
realistic fiction parents depression school gifted fairy tales Five Stars Thirteen year old Cadence Rae Brogan (Rapunzel) is trapped in her own tower as her father s world turns black, her mother s world becomes overwhelmed, and Cadence s world is collapsing at a most difficult time of of life - Junior High! Sara Holmes has created a character that you can t help wanting to know what and when things are going to Additionally Holmes use of fairy tales and fairly tale characters is delightfully creative. Of course any adolescent tale must include strong references to school; Homes story does not exclude that rule. Share what you think about this book. What is most compelling for you? How did you relate to Rapunzel? How do you believe middle school students would respond to this story?
Winner of the Ursula Nordstrom First Fiction Contest
Sara Lewis Holmes Letters from Rapunzel
fiction picture book Papillon dogs individuality family Three Stars Fancy Nancy is out to convince her family that the dog they need ought to be fancy. Jane O Connor Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy
picture book realistic fiction reading multicultural Three Stars Watercolor illustrations depict one-hundred year old Mr. George Baker, African-American, and young Harry, Caucasian boy, develop a warm relationship as they share their struggle of learning a new skill. Good use of illustrations and language to develop the characters, mood, and style of the story.
Mr. George Baker
mythology fiction modern fantasy mythology Four Stars Modern fantasy book is a series of five. Being made into a movie by 20th Century Fox.
Meet twelve year old Perseus Jackson at a school for troubled youth, the son of Poseidon and a mortal woman, whom dies soon after this discovery putting him in mortal danger. Percy along with sidekicks of Grover, (a young satyr) and Annabeth (daughter of Athena) take on quest after quest resulting in many close calls, monster melees, trips across Earth and into Hades. Mythological quests meet today s street kids.
Rick Riordan The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1
historical fiction American revolution Philadelphia Four Stars Maddy Rose is a plucky young girl of a widow whose earnings come from spinning flax. Maddy, spends her days sewing and running errands for her mother. Maddy and her brother have created a code, but will it outwit the British? Trinka Hakes Noble The Scarlet Stockings Spy Edition 1. (Tales of Young Americans)

fiction fantasy to do - audio Not yet
Tamora Pierce Melting Stones
science fiction fantasy space universe solar system black holes Five Stars Great adventure story about Annie and George who meet, fine they have a mutual love of science, and adventure through the solar system with the assistance of a super-computer. Their educational adventures soon take a turn to life and death situations for their father as an old rival - Dr. Reeper takes control. Will George and Annie be able to save her father? Will George win the science contest? Will George every have his computer? The story coauthored by Stephen Hawking, some claim to be the best physicist since Einstein, incorporates accurate information within the story for readers to learn about planets, the solar system, time, the universe, and other astronomical mysteries. A great read or read aloud to motivate science discussion in middle school and a pretty darn good adventure story at that. Lucy and Stephen Hawking George s Secret Key to the Universe

to do - audio Not yet Russell Freedman... Tell me what you think Russell Freedman Who Was First?
fiction to do - audio Not yet Twelve-year-old Joan is sure that she is going to be miserable when her family moves from Connecticut to California. Then she meets a most unusual girl.... Pat Murphy Wild Girls
realistic fiction
Four Stars Characterization, characterization, characterization. Spinelli knows how to create and align characters within a story to create high and low tides of emotional attachments. Attaching Stargirl to Leo, Dootsie, Alvina, Betty Lou, Charlie, Arnold, Perry, the Honeybees, and ... While at the same time attaching all of them to one another through themselves and Stargirl and most importantly through the reader s heart. Where is Stargirl now? Still in Pennsylvania? Is she back in Arizona? Is she moving toward Leo? Does she... How dare anyone question her existence? This story goes beyond realistic fiction. Stargirl exists in the reader s heart, soul, and mind. How could she not? When she has stirred so much love into my life. Jerry Spinelli Love
fantasy fiction child prodigy adventure graphic novel Five Stars This creatively designed graphic novel tells the complete first story of Artemis Fowl in a way that was not possible in the mere novel. The authors, Colfer and Donkin, collaborated with the illustrators, Rigano and Lamanna to combine text and illustrations in a format that includes detailed character information in illustrations, text, and in character files physically embedded in the graphic novel. The combination of these three elements create a style and tone for the story that may provide more detail and a richer experience than the original novel. Colfer, Eoin and Andrew Donkin Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel
picture book photo book realistic fiction nonfiction
Four Stars Delightful visual display. Photos blended into page with text overlaid. Many images across both pages. Some images may have been clipped from other photos and joined into others to create a multimedia display. Carl R. Sams First Snow in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy
picture book fantasy kiss family bedtime stories dragons knights Four Stars A busy king hurriedly blows his son a goodnight kiss from the hallway, but it misses its target. Being a royal smooch with enchanting powers, it flies off on an adventure through a dark forest full of wild animals and is hotly pursued by a not-so-gallant young knight, who eventually finds himself face to face with an enormous dragon. However, the magical quality of the kiss tames even the wildest of creatures and when the shivering boy fears his demise, he is kissed rather than fried to a crisp. The knight catches the kiss and brings it safely home. Amusing, playful, colorful, cartoon like illustrations with great caricature expressions like the bewildered prince, the terrified knight and horse, and the gleeful royal family when the kiss is returned. Refreshingly original and relevant, showing a busy family full of love. B. Astengo David Melling The Kiss that Missed
picture book fantasy
Four Stars In this delightful, old-fashioned version of a familiar tale, Little Red Riding Hood is a "sweet little girl" whose mother stitches her a lovely hood, which the child cherishes and all the village people affectionately recognize. Against a snowy, wooded background, the child sets out in her red cloak to bring Mother's chicken soup and raisin muffins to ailing Grandmother. The story proceeds in the expected way. The woodcutter kills the wolf "with one stroke of his ax" and cuts open the beast's stomach, releasing "the kindly old woman." With lively detail (but no blood and guts) and lots of pattern and colors, Pinkney's watercolors show the predator in nightcap and glasses under Grandmother's patchwork quilt and then, in a double-page spread, the menace as it appears to the girl: "Oh Grandmother, what great teeth you have!" The pictures reflect the danger and the coziness, and they are just right for their preschool audience. Hazel Rochman Jerry Pinkney Little Red Riding Hood
fiction fantasy
Not yet
Sharon Creech The Castle Corona
fantasy science fiction lighthouse trilogy space travel war Ireland Four Stars Okay, I knew it was a trilogy and I picked up book II. Hey, I ve read dozens of multi book episodes. The authors include bread crumbs to jog memories or inform first time readers of situations past, so I plunged in hoping the book jacket was accurate with claims of action to keep the pages turning and a story few readers will be able to resist. The first sixteen pages introduced the Witch Queen - Twenty-seventh Queen of Balanmanek, Gag Macak - the glacier, The Lord Protector, Master Sarpa of the Science Guild, the dying planet - Altair, and the machine - soon to send a message to the Ui Neill world. Not that this information isn t important for the story, but it was a bit tedious until page seventeen where Jamie, Brian, and Ramsey, of the Ayatollahs of Funk, were deep in performance on Royal Avenue in Belfast. The song lyrics would have been humorous, had I read book one, instead of just bizarre. Enough of not reading book one.
The adventure, for me did begin shortly after the main characters entered the story. It is an adventure where two teenage friends travel to Altair where the Lord Protector and Queen are diabolical and ruthless in the best of fantasy style. However, the story is more than the usual high fantasy. Mc Kinty brings together old world, today, and science fiction of future worlds in the style of a fantasy game, like Expedition to Barrier Peaks, which was referenced in the story. I found the timing of my selection of this book to read strange as Gary Gygax, creater of Dungeons and Dragons, died while I was reading it. Fitting tribute.
The dialogue includes references to present day music, celebrates, events, Warcraft, Dungeon & Dragons, and even political references are inserted throughout the narrative. The typical character conversation between Jamie and Ramsey is typical creative adolescent banter. As the party grows Jamie s mother - Anna and Ramsey s thirty year old brother - Brian are drawn into the adventure and provide additional creative opportunities for dialogue. These four and two aliens - Wishaway and Lorca make up the adventure party. The antagonists include typical fantasy adventure types: Witch Queen, Lord Protectorate, King, Princess, Guildsman, and the typical support casts of evil and not so evil characters. However, the depth of evil is questionable as the plot for control of the Salmon has a life and death connection for all. No question ,the claim of being a page turner on the cover is accurate. If you find love triangles, fantasy adventures, advanced alien technology, space travel between two worlds - Earth and Altair, or have ever pondered the philosophical question of our exist and mortality... interesting. And who doesn t? You should enjoy this book.
Adrian Mc Kinty The Lighthouse War: The Lighthouse Trilogy Book II
fiction birthdays twelve Not yet
Lauren Myracle Twelve
science fiction schools genius good and evil artificial intelligence science Four Stars Intense, action packed, violent, wild, life threatening James Bond style adventure to save the world from evil forces. Only these heroes are teenage special ... Well for now let s just say special. Mark Walden The Higher Institute of Villainous Education
science fiction time travel missing persons Four Stars Sam Faulknwe travels back in time to medieval Ireland, ancient Egypt, and Renaissance Bruges in search of his missing father. Guillaume Prevost translated by William Rodarmor The Book of Time
graphic novel picture book journal a year life journal middle school family single parent graphic novel Four Stars Is this a book, graphic novel, picture book, or a new genre? It takes the form of a scrapbook or photo journal of Ginny Davis in middle school. A very creative way to present a story of Ginny during a time that is troubling for her and her single mother. Jennifer L. Holm Middle School is Worse than Meatloaf
fantasy fiction
Four Stars Alex lives with her uncle in an apartment above his doorknob shop. That alone should suggest the story is whimsical, clever, and creative. Which by the way describes Alex who is dreading sixth grade. However, things break her way when Mr. Underwood arrives and is assigned to teach sixth grade. Just when things appear to be getting manageable at school the adventure really begins in chapter four. Thugs show up looking for the descendant of the dreaded pirate Captain Steele and a treasure map. A fire and the lose of her Uncle and the kidnapping of Mr. Underwood Alex finds herself pitted against these thugs, an evil vicious group of old ladies known as the Daughters of the Founding Fathers' Preservation Society, and various obstacles in her quest to find the treasure map and Mr. Underwood. Adrienne Kress Alex and the Ironic Gentleman
Fiction fantasy apprentice magic bane thought control supernatural witches Four Stars Joseph Delaney continues with his third book that takes off where the first ended. More thrills and scares from the spiritual world for the adolescent reader. It will raise more hairs on the back of the necks of adolescent readers. Again set in English or New England community of the 1700 s or early 1800 s before industrialization. Inhabited by typical human beings of that era with the addition of ghasts, ghosts, boggarts, and other nasties that people of that era are known to have imagined and some they might not have been capable of imagining. Thomas Ward, as an apprentice, continues to learn, but now Joseph Delaney The Last Apprentice: Night of the Soul Stealer
science fiction genetic engineering adventure Antarctica Three Stars Third in the Maximum Ride series - The time has come for Max, Iggy, Fang, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel to face their ultimate enemy and despite many obstacles try to save the world from a sinister plan to reengineer a select population into a scientifically superior master race. James Patterson Maximum Ride: Saving the World and other Extreme Sports
historical fiction race African American slave Five Stars Elijah of Buxton is the first freeborn child of Buxton a settlement on Lake Erie in Canada created by escaped slaves in the mid 1800 s. Elijah tells the story of his ordinary life who his momma is continually telling him that he is too frag - ile. However, as we travel with him as he does his chores, does odd jobs in the settlement, interacts with the characters that have become central in his life, and of course going to school we find that Elijah is not an ordinary boy at all. He has a gift of story telling and creative exaggeration with explanations that achieve and surpass the best metaphors and similes penned by even the classic tall tale authors of all times. While the literary style and tone is expertly done with subtle events and happenings being wove together for a powerful climax the plot is agonizingly slow moving. The first chapters are more like short stories tied together with the passing of time and Elijah s struggle for recognition as an adult as his values and character is discovered by the reader. It might be a good read aloud, but I wonder how many young readers will maintain enough interest to read through most of the book. It isn t until the reader is closing in on the end that the plot finally unfolds a multi chapter event with enough excitement to propel the reader to a compelling ending. An ending that can only be achieved by a character who has gained enough insight into the complicated decisions of an adult world and a reader that has gained insight into the complications of slavery in the United States in the 1860 s. Christopher Paul Curtis Elijah of Buxton