2001 - Annotated Book list

genre themes myRating WebComments author bookTitle
picture book mathematics number value patterns problem solving Three Stars
Greg Tang The Grapes of Math
nonfiction mathematics calculator Two Stars
Hirschmann, Kris All New Calculator Math Tricks
anthology collection of short stories first day school Three Stars
Collection School s In
Not yet

Everything You Need to Know The Answer Book for School Survival
nonfiction European discoveries in America history exploration diversity humor Four Stars Humerous - Great stories - A must read Levy, Elizabeth Are We There Yet?
biography Edison invention electric engineers Three Stars
George Sullivan Thomas Edison
picture book Science animals life science form and function Three Stars
Singer, Marilyn A Pair of Wings
Historical fiction history Betsy Ross revolutionary war reference biographical Three Stars
Peter and Connie Roop Betsy Ross
fantasy fiction Adoption family life London angels extraterrestrial beings good and evil Four Stars Set in London, England
Who has the right to be human? What is human. Adventure of alien intrigue and survival War of the Worlds without the explosions and Earth ripping actions.
Terence Blacker The Angel Factory
picture book Space Astroids Comets astronomy comets

Eva Hans Spinning through Space: Comets and Astroids
biography Scientists Not yet
Paul Mason Isaac Newton
fantasy fiction inventions science Jimmy Neutron Nickelodeon Three Stars
Simon Spotlight / Nickelodeon Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: my book of inventions
fairy tale Ogre fairy tale fantasy book based on movie Four Stars
Ellen Weiss Shrek the Novel
nonfiction Mammoth archeology, reference Five Stars Great story and reference about a wooly mammoth found frozen in Siberia... Windsor Chorlton Wooly Mammoth: Life, Death, and Rediscovery
fantasy fiction child prodigy adventure Four Stars
Colfer, Eoin Artemis Fowl
nonfiction Chimpanzees environmental concerns endangered species arthropologist life science Five Stars Jane Goodall - introduces the reader to the chimpanzees she documented and see how she uses ethnographic scientific inquiry method to teach the world about chimpanzees. Big word, but basically means she had the curiosity and desire to wake up early one morning, sneak out of the house and into the chicken coop to sit patiently and discover where eggs came from. Jane Goodall The Chimpanzees I Love: Saving Their World and Ours

No Rating
Margaret Musgrove The Spider Weaver - A Legend of Kente Cloth
picture book fantasy three pigs Five Stars David s story starts as the usual Three Little Pigs story, but a fortunate huff and puff blows the first little pig out of the story book. The story book says ... and ate the pig up. However, the first pig has found a life outside the pages of the book and coaxes the second little pig into this world. So it is on to the next little pig and further exploits beyond the pages. A chance meeting with the Cat and the Fiddle and a Dragon soon to be slayed how our three snout faced friends choose to arrange the rest of their story? Super creative exploration of the possibilities when the figurative and literal interpretations are intertwined. David Wiesner The Three Pigs
series ready - for - chapters bully classroom management self help skills Five Stars A creative story of Jake (fourth grade) who has made it his life ambition to study the bully and the bully bait to help both to learn how to coexist. Well it isn t quite that simple. It takes a little under a hundred pages for him to discover it. Language, character development, and plot is strong enough to keep readers reading to the end. Andrew Clements Jake Drake - Bully Buster
fiction blind sight Aunt Candy-May Four Stars
Lisa Rowe Fraustino The Hickory Chair