Possible Literature Goals for Literature Programs

A quality literature program will have students who:

  1. Enjoy literary transactions by: reading; listening to music, poetry, drama, and other media, viewing drama, visual arts, and other media.Actively seek involvement in literary transactions.
  2. Comprehend, analyze, criticize, and evaluate what they view, hear, read at the literal, interpretive, and emotional level.
  3. Appreciate different genre.
  4. Recognize and classify different genre
  5. Develop an awareness and critical understanding of different genre.
  6. Understand and interpret story elements.
  7. Develop an awareness and critical understanding of story elements.
  8. Relate literature to real life.
  9. Create literature.
  10. Desire to integrate literature into all aspects of their culture.
  11. Promote an appreciation and enjoyment of quality literature.
  12. Develop a life long love of reading, listening, and viewing quality literature.
  13. Choose enriching literary experiences to enhance self-awareness and understanding of the world.
  14. Develop a realization that literature fosters humanistic awareness and attitudes.
  15. Develop an awareness and critical understanding of elements of good literature.
  16. Develop a belief in students' own creative skills.
  17. Communicate an appreciation of literature to others.
  18. Develop empathetic awareness for all aspects of literature.
  19. Integrate values clarification as a result of their transactions with literature.
  20. Develop a connection with the global community through literature.
  21. Develop critical thinking.
  22. Appreciate and empathize the diversity of cultures through global perspectives.
  23. Develop creativity and imagination to interpret a variety of literature from multiple perspectives.
  24. Use literature to expand and enhance knowledge in all curricular areas.

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