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These Investigations Use K'Nex ® DownHill Thrill set to investigate motion and variables of speed, slope, mass, and friction with a race car and down hill track. K'Nex ® plans include how to build a race car and DownHill Thrill course with a jump or the Devil's Drop course a down hill track with four drops.

DownHill Thrill
DownHill Crash and Slide
DownHill Long Track
DownHill Runs from Different Heights
Double DownHill Vibrations
Simple Vehicle
Pictures of K'Nex® pieces

Data Files For Motion Investigations

Roller coasters

Rippin Rocket Coaster

Picture album
Video If the video was taken at a constant rate, then might the distance the coaster travels from frame to frame be used to determine a speed? Hum, I think this might be an interesting math problem or is it physics or is it both?

Simple Machines

Free Pulley System
Inclined plane (wood ramp)


Gear systems with the same sized gears

Gear systems with different sized gears

Large differences
Small differences

Other ideas

Grain Auger
Super Ball Track
Cooperative Building

Some more Rollercoaster actvities and presentation directory

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